CLINET:                                 Self Project
CATEGORY:                          Aniamtion
PROGRAM:                          Illustrator / After Effects

The L'Atlantique project was done as an animation exercise as well as attempting to communicate the story of a poster through a motion picture. The video is based on the poster done by A. Cassandre in 1940s about a passenger ship "L'Atlantique." The ship made regular routes across the Atlantic Ocean, from Paris to Brazil. The juxtaposition of a small ship with L'Atlantique was interesting and emphases the size of the ship.



I fell in love with Cassandre's work at first sight. His use of line variation and gradients throughout his work, really distinguish his posters form the rest. I was also interested in his non photorealistic style. His posters usually had one simple idea that was communicated through some type of exaggeration or juxtaposition. He was really a master of composing a page to drive a message. My favorite poster from him was the L'Atlantique. I feel that it works greats as an advertisement poster, and as an art piece. I also notices his use of simple geometric forms to depict the ship, and also frame the subject of the poster.


Before even touching the paper, I had a fairly concrete idea of what I wanted to do for the animation, just by looking at the elements of the poster. I was more mesmerized by the juxtaposition of the small ship, in comparison to L'Atlantique. So for the video, I wanted to surprise the viewer, by using a similar element. 

I wanted to focus on the small ship at first, and then zoom out, to reveal that the background of the image is actually the giant ship. Clearly communicating that this ship is colossal and indestructible during long journeys.