Poster Heroes


CLINET:                                   Poster Heroes (COMPETITION)
CATEGORY:                            Poster
PROGRAM:                            Photoshop/Illustrator

I participated in a poster competition from Italy, which focused on visually displaying the problem with the food cycle. From the options of Production, Transformation, Transportation, and Disposal, I decided to make a poster about the Transportation of food and the importance of supporting and eating local produce. During the research I discovered that on average, our food travels more than 1,500 miles before it reaches us, and I really wanted to hone in on that distressing fact.


In the first direction I wanted to clearly show that transporting food was creating extra costs and environmental problems, while local produce was simple, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly. To drive the message, I wanted to show the extra steps non–local produce takes to reach your home, while showing the ease and simplicity of purchasing local produce.


To drive my message more strongly, I decided to use photographs of actual produce that can be locally produced. Since, oranges are quite an abundant produce of Arizona, I used a large ripe orange as the subject of the poster. To add a twist on the message, I actually used my experience of being a traveler and immigrant. I noticed my passport is filled with stamps from crossing one border to the next.  Applying the stamps onto the orange, adds the perception that the orange has traveled thousands of miles to get here. 


For the final direction I decided to make the background work with the image. Thus I added the road aspect to the poster, to  enhance the the idea of long distance transportation. Mixing vector graphics and a photograph didn't work as well as composing  the whole poster as a photograph. Thus, the final poster was done by placing an orange on a road, and later in photoshop, placing the stamps onto the orange.