CLINET:                                 School Project
CATEGORY:                          Print
PROGRAM:                          Illustrator

The appearance of the US currency is quite outdated, compared to some other currencies around the world. Many of european nations actually had most of their currency redesigned so that it became more functional and easy to use. This project allowed me to apply my skills in typography and layout design, to improve upon an existing piece. I changed various aspects of the bank note to improve the functionality and identity, as well as add a historical aspect to the back of the bill.

Five Dollar Bank Note

Twenty Five Cents Bank Note


As part of the design process, you have to do research of already existing work in that field. Therefore, I took an in–depth look at some actual currencies as well as some proposed redesigns of the dollar currency as well. I found many interesting ways to improve the functionality of the bank note, as well as ways to improve upon the value of the bill in ways of embracing the culture. 


The bill is divided into two parts, the thin strip on the edge and the large image part. The thin strip is composed of a colored texture that will function as a fingerprint of the bank note. This will make counterfeiting money much harder, and it will also include the serial number of the bill. In addition a strip that will separate the two part of the bill will have a multilayered graphic tor authenticity. The larger side of the bank note will feature the same presidents as the current bills, but the back will actually focus on a specific event that the president is known for.